Outsourced Product & Project Development


Outsourcing offers multiple benefits, not just economic advantages, but quicker time-to-market, better quality of product, manageability and resource availability too. E-Gov has proved to be a reliable outsourcing partner for its clients in Singapore and worldwide.

E-Gov is emerging as the preferred outsourced product development partner globally as we specialize in building a foolproof and scalable product that will stand the test of time. Our value addition is in softer aspects like sound product design, exhaustive product testing, strategic product marketing, and post-launch support and enhancement. From conceptualization to prototyping, strategy making, development, launch, post-launch support, and up-gradation – we engineer the product for you. We are a process-oriented company with PMP certified Project Managers and our technically designed development model follows the agile methodology for new age product development. Iterations are quick, improvement is continuous, and response to change is rapid.

What We Deliver:

  • Automate inventory and asset-tracking in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and business sectors
  • Identify the source of products, enabling intelligent recall of defective or dangerous items, such as tainted foods, defective toys, and expired or compromised medication
  • Improve shopping experience for consumers, with fewer out-of-stock items and easier returns
  • Decrease business revenue lost to theft or inaccurate accounting of goods
  • Enable access control of certain areas or devices

Product & Project design and development

User interface and architecture design from start to end following complete development life cycle.

Product testing

Testing from all ends need to be planned and carried out for the launch to be successful and we become the reliable partner for your dream launch.

Product marketing

Understanding the target market and consumers, we help positioning your product well via social media marketing as well as ranking in search engines with our know-how and experience.

Product & Project support

With just a successful launch not being enough, we hold hands all the way to understand, design and quickly deliver any enhancements to the launched product.